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Hornbeam alley
Hornbeam alley
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The major local industry is agriculture which specializes in meat and milk production and the growing of grain and legume crops, potatoes and vegetables.

The local agricultural sector is represented by 15 agricultural companies. There are also nine farms that have 595 hectares of farmland. The agricultural companies are serviced by the Uzda rayagroservis company and the Uzda rayagropromenergo company.

In 2011, the grain harvest was 51,670 tonnes, with the average yield of 30.7 centners per hectare. The production of flax seeds went up 2.1 times to 82 tonnes as against 2010, colza up 4 times to 3,838 tonnes and vegetables up 2.4 times. The production of flax fiber surged by 54.6% as against last year and reached 296 tonnes, sugar beet up 69.6% to 9,841 tonnes.

Some 9,041 tonnes of cattle was produced (in live weight), up 2.5% as against 2010, including 4,096 tonnes of livestock (up 7.4%) and 5,845 tonnes of pigs (down 0.6%). Average daily livestock weight gains totaled 586 grams (up 3.2 as against last year), pig weight gains 489 grams (up 6.6%).

The aforementioned results saw Uzda District right in the middle of the 118-district national ranking list, which is published annually to review the work of Belarusian stockbreeders.

In 2011 agricultural companies of the district produced 42,821 tonnes of milk (up 0.7% as against 2010). Cow productivity stood at 4,540 kilograms. The ASB Pervaya Vesna company was the best in terms of total milk output. Other major milk producers were the dairy farms Ershi and Kosteshi of the Nadneman company. Local milker Zoya Domash milked 9,000 kilos per cow, a record in the agricultural history of Uzda District.

The major pig breeding company is Agricultural Complex Belaya Rus, a branch of Slutsk Center of Grain Production. The products of the branch have long been in demand among both local and Minsk residents. Uzda District was third in the Minsk Oblast pork producers’ ranking2011.