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Hotel in Uzda
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Uzda District economy in 2017

The gross output of agricultural enterprises in comparable prices of the year 2016 totaled Br80.5 million, 103.6% as against 2016 while the target was 105.5%. The enterprises made 50,500 tonnes of milk, 105.6% as against 2016. The highest milk yield per head of cattle was registered in an agricultural branch of ZAO Vitex (10,367kg, 59kg up). Cattle production totaled 4,411 tonnes. Pork production in the agricultural enterprise Agrokompleks Belaya Rus amounted to 7,200 tonnes. The gross yield of cereal and leguminous crops (taking into account grain maize) totaled 45,600 tonnes, colza oilseed – 5,100 tonnes (4.8 times up), potato – 9,500 tonnes (80.1%), sugar beet – 98,100 tonnes (141.6%).

The industrial output in current prices taking into account goods made on commission totaled Br30.2 million. The industrial output index in effective prices stood at 135.6% as against 2016 and 135.8% in comparable prices. In 2017 Uzda District production sector was represented by organizations without departmental affiliation such as OOO Mark Formelle (54.4% of Uzda District’s total industrial output), OOO Belcarplastic (22.1%), and the utilities enterprise RUP Uzdenskoye ZhKKh with regard to heating and water supply (23.4%).

Uzda District enterprises made $3.4 million worth of import-substituting products, 226.7% of the annual target. In 2017 merchandise export totaled 202.4% as against 2016 in effective prices.

A massive increase in merchandise export was registered in OOO Mark Formelle (203.6%), OOO Belcarplastic (240.9%), ODO SpetsVudTrans (164.8%), and OOO NLN Bel (252.2%). The export of services amounted to $1.625 million, 108% as against 2016 while the target was set at 104%. Transportation services accounted for 88.7% of Uzda District’s total volume of exported services. Their volume rose by 12% in comparison with 2016. The main exporters of transport services were OOO Korno and ChUP Erikatransekspo, which increased their export of services by 20.2% and 99.5% respectively.

Fixed-capital investments in the development of Uzda District’s economy and social sphere totaled Br41.6 million in 2017, 87.4% as against 2016 in comparable prices. The volume of construction and installation services totaled Br24.1 million, 85.5% as against 2016 in comparable prices while the target was set at 103.2%. As many as 175 residential buildings (apartments) with the total area of 21,796m2 were commissioned.

Net foreign direct investments totaled $488,000.
As of 1 January 2018 there were 892 commercial entities involved in income-generating activities in Uzda District, including 312 micro and small organizations, 8 medium businesses, and 572 self-employed businessmen.