Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

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Neman River in spring
Neman River in spring
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The economy of Uzda District is dominated by agriculture. There are 15 agricultural companies in the district that produce meat and milk, grain and leguminous crops, potatoes and vegetables. There are nine farming enterprises with a total of 595 hectares of farmland.

The biggest revenue earners are logging and processing companies. The manufacturing industry is represented by five companies, including Uzda Coopprom, Mark Formelle, Belcarplastic, Uzda Service Center, Uzda Housing And Public Utilities; there are also a number of small businesses and shop floors. Local companies produce bakery and confectionery products, pasta, sausages, sawnwood, garments, knitwear, etc.

 Mark Formelle is the most prominent company operating in the district. It produces underwear and a broad variety of garments. It is the only company in the district that makes innovative products (thermal underwear) that are a big sales hit.

Three important projects are now running in the district with assistance of private business. The construction of a tourist complex at the Losha water reservoir is nearing completion; the construction of manufacturing facilities to produce electrotechnical products have been launched recently.

The local construction industry is represented by Mobile Mechanical Division No. 216 of Minskoblselstroy and Mobile Mechanical Division No. 69 of Minskmeliovodkhoz. These companies construct housing in Uzda District.


Foreign Economic Affairs

The biggest exporters include Frontier (furniture), Mark Formelle (garments) and Tartin (wooden packaging).

In 2012 six companies made deliveries abroad.

Russia accounted for 56.4% of the total merchandise export, the EU countries for 56.6%. Imports from CIS countries made up 24.2%, including 23.4% from Russia.

In 2012, Uzda District maintained export/import operations with 35 countries around the world. The goods were delivered to the markets of nine countries, namely Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, and Slovakia. The district imported products from 29 countries.

The main exporters of services are OOO Korno (32.7% of the total exports of services) TransVans (23.5%) (both are transport services providers), and also Podjelniki health resort (19.5%).