Uzda District Executive Committee

Address: 22 Sovietskaya Street, Uzda, Minsk Oblast, 223411, Republic of Belarus.

Phone: +375 1718 65-5-07

Fax: +375 1718 65-3-57


Bus station in Uzda Neman River in spring Hotel in Uzda Church in Uzda Hornbeam alley
Bus station in Uzda
Bus station in Uzda
Neman River in spring
Hotel in Uzda
Church in Uzda
Hornbeam alley
Dear friends, Uzda District is a picturesque place with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It is located in the very heart of Belarus, in the center of Minsk Oblast.
18 September 2020
MINSK, 18 September (BelTA) – Housing construction should pick up speed in Minsk satellite towns, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he visited MAPID, Minsk Housing Construction Company, on 18 September, BelTA has learned.
17 September 2020
MINSK, 17 September (BelTA) – As of 17 September, 72,967 patients previously diagnosed with COVID-19 recovered and were discharged from hospitals in Belarus, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian Healthcare Ministry.
16 September 2020
Institutions of additional education for children and youth in Minsk Oblast presented opportunities in Nesvizh, Belarus 1 reports.
15 September 2020
MINSK, 15 September (BelTA) – The European Mobility Week in Minsk will feature the opening of a new cycling route and a bicycle race. On 22 September, motorists will be granted the right to use public transport free of charge, Deputy Chair of the Minsk City Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Tatiana Dubik told journalists on 14 September, BelTA has learned.
18 September 2020
MINSK, 18 September (BelTA) – The protection of the state border of Belarus has been enhanced with tactical reserves, representatives of the State Border Committee of Belarus told BelTA.
17 September 2020
MINSK, 17 September (BelTA) – There are plans to build 1.6 million square meters of stand-alone houses in Belarus in 2020, Yekaterina Usenkova, the head of the housing construction department of the housing policy office at the Architecture and Construction Ministry of Belarus, told reporters on 17 September, BelTA has learned.
16 September 2020
MINSK, 16 September (BelTA) – During the meeting with the country's political core on 16 September Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko debunked myths about the situation in the country and revealed genuine plans of the opponents, BelTA has learned.
15 September 2020
MINSK, 15 September (BelTA) – The Presidium of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus has stated that the resolution of the Seimas, the parliament of Lithuania, as of 10 September runs counter to the spirit of good neighborlinesses between the two countries and universal parliamentary principles. This statement was posted on the website of the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament, BelTA has learned.
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